Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The House of Manipulation

I’ll be perfectly honest and say that I did not feel any sympathy towards Lily when she died. I kind of felt like singing “ding dong the witch is dead.” She was manipulative and really self-centred and a character that I could in no way relate too. Her death was kind of a relief; there was no way for the character to continue on from where she was. Her death was the only real way to end the novel, and I kind of felt like she deserved. She could have been happy with Seldon but she was a money grabbing, social climbing witch who was too concerned with money to think of her own or other people’s happiness.
I realise I’m being a little harsh but as a reader I just could not find it in me to sympathise with her at all. I mentioned in my last post that I almost felt like congratulating Bertha on her outsmarting Lily. The whole dramatic plot of the novel seemed to be caused by Lily refusal to accept happiness over money. I just found the novel to be a little underwhelming and the plot seemed a little predictable. I couldn’t relate to the book or the characters at all and that kind of stunted my enjoyment of the novel as I didn’t really care what happened to the character.
I have a new found respect for naturalist novels but I wish we had read some more happy novels in the course. One happy ending would have been nice, just for a change. Although I enjoyed most of the books in class; with the exception of Moby Dick (I really didn’t like Moby Dick, there is only so much whale chasing one person can take). Overall I’ve really enjoyed this semester in the class, and have learnt a lot.

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